You own an online shop or a website and are in search of a means of mobile money payment? Aside the classical means of payment in e-commerce, there are more specific methods, such as mobile money transactions. We bring this method of payment to you through Orange Money.


This means of payment is secure, and practical , as it allows you to receive payment from your clients directly from their phones, through their orange money accounts.


Our objective is simply:

  • Providing a solution which takes into consideration the needs of online sellers from all business sectors.
  • Increasing your turn over by permitting you to receive mobile payment on your website.


This solution offers to e-traders a means of payment which is simple, fast and secure and contributes greatly to an important rise in your turn over. The web payment solution for all needs of online payment is easy to integrate.

Allow your clients to pay in utmost simplicity, without the need for physical money or bank account.




Due to it's numerous years of experience in the use of Magento and in e-commerce ? Y-note will be able to easily handle the task of integrating the Orange Money means of payment to your websites. Don't hesitate to contact us for any help on .